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The Dilactamate Range


Dilactamate is an initiator used for anionic polymerisation and copolymerisation of lactams over a wide range of temperatures. It also serves as a drying agent and allows the use of technical caprolactam (moisture content up to 0.03 wt. %) as a raw material for the production of polyamide.​


Dilactamate S was developed as a special initiator for the delaying of the crystallisation phase of polymerisation of lactams, especially in the production of polymers reinforced with glass or carbon fibre.



Dilactamate is commercially available in the form of a toluene solution (min. active ingredient content 80%) and the application and dosage are therefore very simple. The reaction mixture is obtained by simply dissolving the initiator in the molten monomer.

With a humidity of up to 0.03 wt.% and an initiator/activator = 1, a suitable dose of Dilactamate of about 0.3 mol. % appears.​

Use enables the almost wasteless production of polyamide-6 castings by the direct polymerisation of 6-caprolactam in stable or rotational forms. The polymer mixture is usually heated to 135-145°C and Dilactamate is added just before it is poured into the moulds.

The choice of mould temperature, usually around 160-170°C, depends on the casting, composition, activator ratio and amount. Under these conditions, the polymerisation process lasts from a few minutes to tens of minutes. The tempering of castings is carried out in the usual way.​


Dilactamate S

Dilactamate S ensures the delay of the crystallising maximum during the polymerisation process. Typically this delay is 17 minutes or greater. This process allows for slower compensation of the internal stresses of castings due to polymerisation volume contraction.

Dilactamate S is a dilactamate containing small amounts of magnesium caprolactamate. This amount is less than 0.2% wt., and is classified as an impurity for an SDS.​

This initiator was developed especially for situations where exothermic reaction and crystallisation can lead to local overheating and formation of inhomogeneities and bubbles.

“We accompany industrial stakeholders in a challenging but necessary switch. Demand for precise and increasingly sophisticated tools in chemistry may include a need to preserve or introduce chirality in a specific reductions step.”

Riccardo Libori, Director, Synhydrid®


An Initiator With A HigherTolerance to Impurities

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