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We can’t do it alone. Solving complex problems for our clients means that we are always expanding our network of contacts, suppliers and distributors.

It works for us. It works for those who partner with us.


Unlock New Opportunities

Local Knowledge

A geographical presence and local knowledge that manufacturers find hard to establish for themselves. Let's collaborate to develop markets in your products.

Seamless Import & Export

Use of our high-quality logistics; warehousing; global supply-chain capabilities; and documentation processing services to provide seamless movement of goods between countries.

New Distribution Opportunities

Seek our help navigating the regulatory and compliance requirements needed to open up new distribution opportunities.

Develop Your Business

Modify and Develop Products

Use of our market knowledge, chemical expertise and development laboratory to modify and develop your product.

A Gateway to Market

Using our industry experts and existing relationships to give you an established route to market.


We are the exclusive global supplier of Synhydrid®, which we have marketed and developed across the globe for over two decades.

ENI Lubricants

We are the exclusive Australian distributor of global oil & lubricant brand ENI, one of the largest industrial companies in the world.

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