In 2004, Chematek established its subsidiary company, Topstar International, in China. It’s focus is on Chematek’s flagship reducing agent Synhydrid®; our proprietary Italian lubricants brand Verus; growing our network of approved suppliers and manufacturers of fine and petro chemicals; and bringing Chematek’s experience in oil & gas and water treatment to the Chinese market.

Topstar International has offices in Shanghai; along with warehouses in both Shanghai and Tianjin.


Easy Access toQuality Suppliers

Our local, experienced, and highly skilled team can quickly and easily navigate the complex Chinese market and supply chain structures for our clients. We have an extensive network of producers and manufacturers across the fine chemicals and petrochemicals sectors. Our on-the-ground presence means close, verified, and secure partnerships with an ability to source new suppliers when needed.


Pain FreeImporting andExporting

We combine nearly 20 years of business experience in China with over 40 years of international importing and exporting experience.
Our high-quality team of experts makes product movements into and out of China simple and easy to do.


InnovativeProduct Solutions

Our sourcing network in China can provide quality solutions to our customer problems either through accessing suppliers or working with suppliers to solve specific problems.
We use our solutions focused mindset to deliver new product solutions to our Chinese clients. For example, the introduction of Synhydrid® or the use of our Versus lubricants brand to fill niche formulation gaps and tailor make products for our customers.



The detailed product expertise in each of our business units allows us to identify and create market changing and leading products. To ensure that products are developed, integrated and utilised to their fullest extent, we provide ongoing technical advice to our customers and suppliers. Our China team collaborate heavily with our Italian laboratory and team of PHD qualified researchers, and our lubricants division works closely with technical and product development experts for Verus.



We are a global company representing high quality international brands and products. The high specifications of our products give our customers the confidence and assurance you get from dealing with global brand leader. Both international and domestic businesses use the strength of our brands and products to develop the market for their organisations.

Our Experts

“We have been operating in China since the early 1980s, making Chematek one of the first Western companies to do business there. This gives us a huge advantage in our understanding of the market and relationships with suppliers and customers. Strategically China is still a very important location for our business. It plays a central role in our fine chemicals, lubricants and refinery services divisions. I am filled with pride to have a dedicated and intelligent team that operates with the highest level of integrity for Chematek.  ”

Giovanni Papandrea

CEO, Chematek

BETTY ZHAO 赵怡琳Accountant

Betty has worked for Chematek since 2013, with previous experience in the investment and building sectors. Betty brings outstanding technical accounting skills to our business. Forever an optimist, she enjoys working closely with people and finds that in person meetings are a great way to communicate with colleagues and ensure workflows operate seamlessly.

ELAINE YAO 姚明珠Business Manager

Elaine has worked for Chematek since 2007 and has worked in the chemical industry for her entire career, At Chematek Elaine’s role as business manager encompasses both Purchasing and Sales with technical skills that also include logistics and warehousing. Elaine enjoys finding new suppliers of high quality products and matching them to the needs of Chematek’s customers. Elaine aims to create successful business relationships by identifying and satisfying the needs of the client and providing exceptional service.

SHARON XU 徐晓红Procurement Manager

Sharon is a recent recruit to Chematek, joining the business in 2022 to add further expertise to our procurement and purchasing functions. With a background in fine chemicals and refinery services, she has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in these sectors. Sharon is optimistic and enjoys working closely with colleagues to solve problems. She enjoys the challenge of sourcing the right specification of products from the right suppliers at the right prices.

JULIA ZHU 朱赟韵Operations Manager

Julia has worked for Chematek since 2017. Prior to that she had a background in logistics and the fast-paced consumer cosmetics sector. Julia has a wide-ranging remit across all operations. This includes organising logistics, customs clearance, working with sales, undertaking marketing and providing business analysis. She is in constant contact with local clients and her colleagues from HQ. Thankfully Julia enjoys multitasking and working closely across different teams. Her colleagues know her to be hard working, optimistic and a problem solver. She enjoys work the most when everything runs smoothly with no unexpected incidents!

HELEN DING 丁敏华Financial Manager

Helen joined Chematek in 2022 following an interesting career that has included working in international trade, textiles, laboratory instruments and IT industries. She brings a wealth of skills across finance, tax, office management, logistics and customs to our team. Helen is hard-working, meticulous, responsible and independent. A good team player she enjoys negotiation and creative problem solving. At Chematek Helen plays a valuable role in financial and tax management, internal controls and process design to support our continued growth.

ALEX WANG 王瑞林Sales Manager (Australia)

Alex has been working for Chematek since 2016 and is an experienced lubricants industry professional. At Chematek Alex is the Sales Manager for Verus, our proprietary Italian brand of lubricants. He is an experienced account manager providing excellent research on market trends. Alex enjoys making and sustaining good relationships with existing and prospective clients.


Lyon has been working for Chematek since 2012 and is an experienced lubricants sales professional. Lyon is a skilled account manager particularly focused on looking after client needs. She enjoys identifying product needs for customers and then working with the business to develop new products to deliver these needs.

STEPHEN GU 谷艺华Commercial Director

Stephen started working for Chematek in 2011 and have worked in the lubricants sector for his whole career. Stephen’s role as commercial director requires him to use sales, marketing and operational skills. He is optimistic, enjoys problem solving and working closely with people. Like many of his colleagues he enjoys developing a new product and seeing it work successfully for our customers.

WILLIAM YAO 姚正宜General Manager

William is our longest serving Chematek employee and has been working at Chematek since 1998. Prior to working at Chematek, William worked in consumer goods and the chemical industry. As General Manager William is responsible for our operation in China and brings technical skills in enterprise management to this role. He has a strong sense of responsibility and reputation that is valued by both his colleagues, suppliers and partners. He takes satisfaction from a job well done.



Development and commercialisation of our flagship reducing agent, Synhydrid®, for the Chinese market. We work closely with our customers and product developers to highlight uses across sectors including pharmaceuticals; agri-chemicals; flavour & fragrances.


Verus Lubricants

Market development of our proprietary Italian lubricants brand Verus, providing lubricants and greases for the automotive and industrial sectors. This is complemented by the supply of various petrochemicals packages, including additives.


Fine Chemicals

Connecting customers to best in class product manufacturers, with sourcing and logistics across China via our on-the-ground presence. 20 years of developing partnerships and an extensive database of approved suppliers.


Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Using Chematek’s skills in our EPC Oil & Gas and Water Treatment business units to bring new knowledge, skills, and processes to the Chinese market.

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