A Pivotal International Hub

India plays a pivotal role in our international operations, both as a growing market for sales and as an important hub for sourcing products.

Chematek India focuses on multiple industrial activities: developing new applications for our flagship reducing agent Synhydrid®, used by clients working in the areas of pharmaceuticals, flavours & fragrances; managing key sourcing operations in the fields of Petrochemicals & Fine Chemicals; and implementing relations with local suppliers for proprietary representation.

In 1979 we were one of the first European companies to develop business in India. In 2023 our Indian HQ is based at Nariman Point, Mumbai, with warehouses strategically located on both coasts for easy access to key markets.


A LocalPresence

We ensure efficient and reliable delivery of our products to customers worldwide by carefully procuring, auditing, and managing materials at the highest quality standards.
Our on-site presence in India provides complete peace of mind to our end-clients. They can trust us to deliver products that precisely match their specifications, reliably and punctually.


Excellence inReducing Agents

Chematek has specifically curated range of reducing agents, including our flagship product Synhydrid®, which has a wide variety applications across Pharmaceuticals, Flavours and Fragrance, Agribusiness and more.
We provide a reliable and stable platform with an extensive range of effective solutions, accompanied by bespoke technical advice and product development consultancy available for all our customers.



Chematek represents manufacturing companies in India wishing to expand their international business. Our global network offers valuable insights on international markets and sectors. Through our logistics, customs and warehousing services, we ensure reliable and efficient product delivery.
With Chematek as a partner, companies can focus on their core manufacturing business.


Easy Access toProduct

With warehouses on both sides of the country, Chematek ensures that products can be delivered rapidly and efficiently to customers. Warehouses located inside the Special Economic Zone are ideally positioned to meet the requirements of clients manufacturing specifically for export.



Chematek have an in-house laboratory, staffed by a team of PhD researchers, creating new and innovative products and solutions. They help customers and suppliers with scientific advice on product applications, unlocking new market potential, and solving technical issues in industrial processes.

Our Experts

“Our introduction with India dates back to the eighties when we started sourcing from India intermediates for dyestuffs where India had a predominant manufacturing position. Then, in the nineties, we established a local Joint venture (already named Chematek India) to supply petrochemicals additives in India which was later followed by a joint venture, sponsored by ENI, with a local manufacturer of lubricants to market Eni’s lubricants in India. We have an exceptional team working in India and are excited about the prospects of continued growth for many years to come.”

Giovanni Papandrea

CEO, Chematek

PETER SALAZARCountry Manager

Peter joined the Chematek team in 2018, and in his role as Country Manager, he is responsible for our India operations. Before joining Chematek, he worked in positions in sectors comprising Chemicals, Water Filtration and Process Equipment. Clients can benefit from his considerable technical experience in Chemistry and Regulation. He uses his excellent interpersonal skills for team management, networking and communication across our international divisions. He enjoys the challenge of problem-solving for his clients and is dedicated to building strong and lasting relationships with supplier and customer partners.

PRAMOD VISHWAKARMASales and Marketing Manager

Pramod joined Chematek in 2019, and he is a specialist in API formulation. His experience includes the sectors of Pharma, Agrochems, Flavour & Fragrances, and Cosmetics. Pramod is responsible for our sales and marketing operations in India. He works closely with our customers in order to understand their final objectives and to ensure that our services are perfectly tailored to their needs. Pramod’s experience and technical problem-solving skills enhance his expertise in the development of innovative product applications and new areas of business. He enjoys explaining the science involved in our products to our clients and illustrating the benefits that they can obtain for their organisations.

VIDHI NAULAKHACommercial & Operations Manager

Vidhi joined Chematek in 2016 with a background in banking, customer relation management and administration. For our presence in India, she supervises our operations management, working specifically in the areas of logistics, warehousing, customs, documentation and administrative functions. Familiar in the trade as a skilled professional with an enviable reputation as a team player, she has a practical and optimistic approach, showing meticulous attention to detail. Vidhi enjoys new challenges and working closely with internal and external teams to identify the best possible solutions. Always learning, she is committed to developing excellence in professional skills in order to ensure ongoing improvement for all employees.



Developing new applications for our flagship reducing agent, Synhydrid®, used by clients working in the areas of pharmaceuticals, flavours & fragrances.


Fine Chemicals

Managing key sourcing operations in the field of Fine Chemicals and implementing relations with local suppliers for proprietary representation.


Refinery Services

Developed with Europe’s most advanced refineries, we offer a comprehensive range of petrochemical products and in-house services.

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